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Actinomycetes are found in the composition of normal microflora (saprophytes) in the oral cavity, cavities of teeth affected by caries, on the surface of the tonsils, in the upper sections of the bronchi, the digestive system, in the rectum and anus. Actinomycetes are widely distributed in nature, often found in soil, aquatic environments, dry grass, and straw. These findings make it possible to distinguish both the exogenous nature of infection and endogenous infection (the spread of fungi from the internal environment of the human body). Actinomycetes are sensitive to a number of antibacterial drugs - benzylpenicillin, streptomycin, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, erythromycin.

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The source of infection in actinomycosis is often not traced. It is rare to find direct confirmation of the contact of a sick person with another patient with actinomycosis. Given the wide distribution in nature, as well as inThe composition of the microflora of medrol organs and systems of the human body revealed two types of infection: exogenous and endogenous.


Susceptibility to actinomycosis is universal. A more frequent registration of medrol patients was noted, which exceeded the female part of patients by 1.8-2 times. The most commonly affected age groups are the working-age population between 21 and 40 years of age. The outcome of infection, of course, is affected by the initial state of human immunity. There is an increase in the frequency of cases of the disease during the period of colds, that is, in the autumn-winter season.


Methylprednisolone of infection in the case of exogenous infection (which has become less common lately) is contact-household, aerogenic with airborne droplets and airborne dust transmission routes. With more frequent endogenous infection, actinomycetes with various plants enter the human body, the absence of pathogenic influence in a certain period (saprophytic existence), however, it is possible to develop both a local inflammatory process and lymphogenous or hematogenous spread of infection.

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Pathogenic effect of actinomycetes on the human body. 1) With endogenous infection and transient saprophytic existence, it is possible to develop in places of localization of inflammatory processes on the mucous membranes (oral cavity, mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, mucosa of the respiratory tract).

There are risk factors for the occurrence of actinomycosis: a decrease in the resistance of the entrance gate of infection (oropharynx), which occurs due to frequent colds; a decrease in the body's resistance due to the presence of concomitant pathology (diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, liver cirrhosis, bronchial asthma, oncological diseases, and others), the presence of chronic inflammatory foci; hypothermia; pregnancy; various surgical interventions for purulent-inflammatory processes; various anatomical anomalies (bronchiogenic fistula of the neck, urachus - fistula of the bladder and anterior abdominal fascia, and others); injuries, wounds, bruises.

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There is a formation of a specific granuloma (actinomycoma), which can suppurate with the formation of abscesses, the formation of fistulas. That is, the development of actinomycoma successively goes through three stages: infiltrative stage, abscess stage, fistula stage. Purulent consequences are more often associated with the addition of a secondary bacterial infection (staphylococcus, streptococcus). The process can spread to the skin.

2) During the vital activity of radiant fungi, toxins are released, which are also allergens, causing sensitization of the patient's body (allergic alertness). Clinical forms and symptoms of actinomycosis.

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The incubation period is unknown (it can last from several days to several years). For a long time the patient does not complain, and his state of health does not change. Clinically, there are several forms of the disease: 1) cervicofacial form (this includes maxillofacial injury); 2) skin form; 3) osteoarticular form; 4) thoracic form; 5) abdominal form; 6) genitourinary form; 7) nervous form (actinomycosis of the central nervous system); 8) actinomycosis of the foot (Madura foot or mycetoma); 9) rare forms.

The cervicofacial form of actinomycosis is the most common. The process can be located in the muscle, directly under the skin and in the skin. More often in the region of the muscle (for example, chewing, in the corner of the lower jaw), a dense nodular formation of a dense consistency appears.

Asymmetry of the face, pastosity or swelling at the site of the node, a bluish tint of the skin over the formation are characteristic. Gradually, soft foci (suppuration or infiltrate) are palpated in the area of ​​education, the foci can open with the formation of fistulas. A purulent-sanitary fluid flows out of the fistulas; on closer examination, yellow grains (druses of actinomycetes) are visible. The course of this form is favorable.

Actinomycosis, maxillofacial form. The cutaneous form occurs in most cases secondarily after the cervicofacial with muscle damage. If the skin suffers, then round or oval infiltrates appear in the subcutaneous fat. The process can affect the neck, cheeks, lips, go to the oral cavity, larynx, tonsils, eye sockets and other areas. A characteristic sign of actinomycosis is prolonged cyanosis (cyanosis) of the skin in the lesion. The skin form can occur in several ways: it can be.

There are pains in the chest when coughing and breathing. The formation of an infiltrate in the lungs has a certain dynamics - it spreads from the center to the periphery, that is, the areas surrounding the bronchi (peribronchitis), the pleura, chest and, last but not least, the skin are gradually involved in the process.

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The disease does not have an acute onset, as with many pulmonary pathologies. Patients feel weakness, fatigue, low temperature (usually up to 37.5 °), a dry cough appears, which becomes wet over time (purulent sputum mixed with blood, an earthy or damp smell).

The thoracic form is the second most common in humans. It is also called thoracic actinomycosis or actinomycosis of medrol pills. The formation of this form of actinomycosis may be preceded by various chest injuries, chronic inflammation of the lungs and surgical interventions.

The osteoarticular form of actinomycosis is a rather rare form of the disease. It develops as a result of hematogenous introduction of actinomycetes or germination of infiltrate from neighboring tissues and organs. The risk factor ispatients with injuries, bruises, wounds. Osteomyelitis occurs, followed by a destructive process, fistulas can form. Described osteomyelitis of the pelvic bones, spine and other bones, articular lesions. Patients complain of pain, but the functions of the affected joints suffer little, patients retain the ability to move.


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